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The MFA in Fine Arts with a focus in Emerging Practices (EP) is a joint effort between the departments of Art and Media Study, which are committed to exploring the interdisciplinary space between emerging technologies and the arts. Emerging Practices students focus on exploring the technical, tactical, cultural and communicative potential of emerging technologies such as interactive multi-media, electronic installation, networked telematic communication, robotics, three-dimensional simulation, biotechnology, and algorithmic image synthesis. Typically, artists and art/media programs are defined by the media forms they employ. However, we choose not to define practice based on a medium in favor of a broader strategy of techno-cultural investigation that continuously re-defines its object. Emerging Practices examines the following principles:

  1. Emerging Practices resist pre-packaged media, while seeking to create their own.
  2. Emerging Practices are inherently interdisciplinary in concept, execution, and critique.
  3. Emerging Practices engage with the latest technologies, scientific processes and best practices accessible. Emerging Practices do not necessarily require cutting edge technologies.
  4. Emerging practices often reclaim, alter or appropriate existing technologies through creative re-use or miss-use for communicative cultural significance.

Students interested in this joint effort apply to either the Art or Media Study MFA program (these two departments share the same building, the Center for the Arts), noting in their cover letters their interest in the Emerging Practices area of study. Upon acceptance, to Media Study or the Fine Art MFA in Art, students will be able to take courses, utilize labs and facilities, and work with EP faculty in either department. For more information, contact Paul Vanouse (Art) or Marc Bohlen (MS).

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