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Environmental Engineering – Joe Atkinson

Professor Joe Atkinson is the director of the Great Lakes Program at UB. He is an expert on water pollution, sediment transport and ground water modeling. His research has been funded by the National Science Foundation and the Environmental Protection Agency, amongst others.

Aerospace Engineering – Venkat Krovi

Associate Professor Venkat Krovi is the director of the ARM (Automation, Robotics, Megatronics) lab at UB. He is an expert in megatronics and aerospace engineering. His lab specializes in rapid virtual and physical prototyping and multi-robot cooperation.

Architecture – Omar Kahn

Associate Professor Omar Khan’s research and practice address responsiveness and performativity in architecture. In 1995 in collaboration with Laura Garofalo he established Liminal Projects, a practice that has developed performance spaces for artists, interactive and responsive installations, domestic interiors and award winning competitions. Their work has been exhibited at The Kitchen, NYC; The Whitney Annex, NYC; The Urban Center, NYC; The Storefront for Art and Architecture, NYC and The National Building Museum, Washington DC among others. At UB he co-directs the Center for Architecture and Situated Technologies where his research includes transitive materials, responsive architecture and situated technologies.

Architecture – Jordan Geiger

Assistant Professor Jordan Geiger holds a Master of Architecture from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Arts in Comparative Literature from UC Berkeley. His research and design practice address time-based and temporary constructions, and collaborative, interdisciplinary methods of practice. Projects cross architecture and interaction design, considering implications of human computer interaction for social and environmental issues. His work has been exhibited and published internationally, including Exit Art (2010), the ZeroOne festival (2008), the American Institute of Architects (2005) and the Dieppe Biennial “Tide is High” (2005).


The AILAB at the University of Zurich is dedicated to research in the field of Embodied Intelligence. As opposed to Symbolic Artificial Intelligence, Embodied AI believes that thought is not independent of body but tightly constrained and at times enabled by it. The lab`s expertise in properties and constraints of materials, cheap design and adaptive systems is helpful to artists interested in the design of behaving artefacts.

Cognitive Science Lecture Series at the AILAB

SymbioticA: The Art and Science Collaborative Research Laboratory, University of Western Australia

SymbioticA is an artistic laboratory dedicated to the research, learning and critique of life sciences. SymbioticA is the first research laboratory of its kind, in that it enables artists to engage in wet biology practices in a biological science department.

SymbioticA sets out to provide a situation where interdisciplinary research and other knowledge and concept generating activities can take place. It provides an opportunity for researchers to pursue curiosity-based explorations free of the demands and constraints associated with the current culture of scientific research while still complying with regulations. SymbioticA also offers a new means of artistic inquiry, one in which artists actively use the tools and technologies of science, not just to comment about them, but also to explore their possibilities.

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